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Please make sure you allow yourself an hour and a half from the shuttle dropoff time at the Bozeman airport and your departure time.
Bozeman to Big Sky
Bozeman to West Yellowstone
Yellowstone Day Trip from Big Sky
Gardiner or Mammoth Hot Springs
Private Airport Shuttle
Grocery Stops


Big Sky is located approximately 50 miles from the Bozeman Airport. We offer a daily scheduled service in the winter to all locations in the Big Sky area. The trip normally takes 1 hour and fifteen minutes. During the winter season, please allow up to 1½ hours.

We service all hotels in the Big Sky area, and provide transportation to all condos, townhouses and private residences as well. Please note that during the winter season, some roads become impassable due to heavy snowfall and access to your specific location may be delayed until the roads can be opened.


West Yellowstone is located approximately 95 miles from the Bozeman Airport. In the winter, we offer a daily scheduled service to all locations within the city limits of West Yellowstone. Please allow up to 3 or more hours for this trip because there are often stops in Big Sky.


Mammoth Hot Springs is located approximately 100 miles from the Bozeman Airport, and about 5 miles inside the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park at Gardiner, Montana. Call for private shuttle pricing and details.

The drive to Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is approximately 2.5 hours, depending on weather, traffic, and road conditions. Due to winter flight delays and cancellations, we strongly recommend that you arrive the day before whenever possible, especially if you are coming for a packaged tour or program with the Yellowstone Institute. See our Links page for local hotel listings and contact information for your overnight accommodations. Our shuttle can pick you up at your hotel after departing from the airport.



From the first rickety wagons tied together with baling wire in 1902, to large taxis in the 1950s, to current luxury motorcoaches, Karst Stage continues to provide excellent transportation services to the people and visitors of Montana and the Western United States.


How do I make a reservation?

By using the Get a Quote box on the home page of our website at Our website is secure and all online reservations are confirmed by email.

When do your scheduled services for the winter season begin?

Scheduled service to Big Sky starts approximately December 10th.
West Yellowstone starts December 15th.

What are your rates and schedule to Big Sky?

Please see the Current Schedule and Rates page on our website under Airport Shuttle. During the winter season, we offer daily service to and from the Big Sky area approximately 10 times/day from about December 10th until the ski season ends. During the summer months, shuttles are by advance reservation only.

How long does it take to get to Big Sky?

The Huntley Lodge at the Big Sky Resort in the Mountain Village is 53 miles from the airport and the average drive time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Bad weather, road conditions and/or traffic can cause significant delays.

What are your rates and schedule to West Yellowstone?

Our rates to and from WYS can be located on the Current Schedule and Rates page on our website under Airport Shuttles. During the winter season, when Yellowstone Park is open to oversnow vehicles (approximately Dec. 15th to March 15th), we offer daily service to and from WYS. During the non-winter months, shuttles are by advance reservation only.

Do you have a different rate for children?

Children two and under are free, and children ages three to twelve years are half price.

Do you have car seats for children under 6?

Yes, we do. There is a $5.00 one-way charge to rent a car/booster seat. If you are scheduled on a motorcoach, there are no seat belts (which makes it impossible to secure a child seat).

What if our flight arrives late?

Please call our office at (800) 287-4759 to notify us of a delayed flight. All shuttles must depart the Bozeman Airport on time. We will make every reasonable attempt to accommodate your late arrival by scheduling you on the next available shuttle.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is no penalty for shuttles canceled more than 48 hours from the date/time of your scheduled shuttle. No refunds are given for shuttles canceled within 48 hours of your reservation time.

How does Karst Stage ensure that I will be driven by the best commercial drivers in the business?

First, Karst has the driver go through a thorough interview and application process. We require a pre-employment drug screen and we do extensive background checks on all prospective drivers. We verify their driving record, previous employment and DOT drug and alcohol testing.
Previous employers are contacted, and former drug testing results, along with other employee behaviors, are reviewed. Once hired, Karst’s Drug and Alcohol policy exceeds the federal guidelines for CDL drivers. All Karst Stage drivers, regardless of the vehicle size, are required to have a CDL and are subject to the same training, testing, and drug and alcohol testing.

Where are you located?

Our counter is located inside the main passenger terminal on the street level in Ground Transportation.

What type of vehicle do you use? Will there be others on my shuttle?

Our daily scheduled service is a shared-ride service provided by passenger van, mini-bus, or full-sized bus, depending on location and the number of passengers scheduled on each run.

Do you have a shuttle after every arriving flight?

We have scheduled shuttles to Big Sky approximately every 1.5 hours from 10:30am – midnight during the winter season. Our shuttles to West Yellowstone are more limited. Please see the Current Schedule and Rates page on our website for further details. Summer service is by advance reservation only; no scheduled service is available. **PLEASE NOTE** Without advance reservations, some shuttles will not be available.

Do you provide private service?

Yes. Please use our Contact Us page for questions or quotes on private service.

Can you pick us up at a motel in Bozeman or Belgrade?

Our shuttle service begins and ends at the Bozeman Airport. However, with prior arrangements, we will pick up and/or drop off at the Quality Inn (formerly the Holiday Inn Express), La Quinta Inn & Suites, or the Super 8 in Belgrade on most runs to and from Big Sky, WYS, and Mammoth Hot Springs. Our only regular run that provides service from Bozeman Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn, or the Grantree Best Western is our 2:00 pm bus to Big Sky/WYS. Please call at least 48 hours prior to departure to reserve. We can also charter a vehicle from Bozeman for groups of three or more; please call for details. If you plan to overnight in Bozeman or Belgrade on arrival before you depart to your desired destination, we strongly recommend that you stay at a motel that offers courtesy shuttle service back to the airport (see our Links page for motels with courtesy shuttle service).

Do you provide local service from private residences to the airport?

No. We only provide individual service to locations outside of Gallatin Valley. We do offer charter service to all locations inside and out of Gallatin County. Contact Greater Valley Taxi at (406) 388-9999 for local airport shuttles.

Can we stop to purchase groceries on our way to Big Sky?

Yes! If you email your grocery order to a MINIMUM of 48 hours before your arrival in Bozeman, we can stop to pick up your grocery order. Please see the Services information under Airport Shuttle on our website for further details.

Do you provide shuttle service from Big Sky to West Yellowstone for day trips into Yellowstone Park?

We offer a once a day shuttle from Big Sky to and from WYS for day trips into Yellowstone Park by snowmobile, snow coach, or snovan. See the Day Trip page on our website for the rates and schedule. We drop off and pick up at all snowmobile, snow coach, and snovan shops in WYS. We do not rent snowmobiles or sell seats on snowcoaches; we just provide the shuttle to and from these businesses.

Do you provide shuttle service from West Yellowstone to Big Sky for skiing?

No. Due to lack of demand, we do not offer shuttles from WYS to Big Sky for skiing day trips.

What are your summer rates/schedule?

During the spring/summer/fall months, we do NOT offer daily scheduled service to any location. We can, however, provide service by advance reservations. See the Summer page on our website under Airport Shuttle.

Do you offer day trips through Yellowstone Park?

We can provide single or multiple-day tours through Yellowstone Park by charter service. Additionally, during the summer/fall months, we offer daily shuttles through Yellowstone Park for individuals, beginning in Livingston & Bozeman, provided we have a minimum of 4 passengers.

Do you offer shuttles for conferences at Big Sky?

Yes. We do offer discounts for most large conferences. Reservations must be made online through our reservation system. Please specify the conference you are attending to receive the discounted rate. If you do not see the conference you are attending, please contact our office at 800.287.3544.